"every angle you look at him… you can’t go wrong."


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Any idea who you might play with in the regular season? I know you’ve been with Dan Hamhuis a bit in the pre-season, but has the coaching staff given you any indication?

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That’s a serious question? Well I think it depends. You like the tall greasy swede or the strapping young Ontario boy?
Kevin Bieksa (on who would be the better male model between Lack & Tanev)  (via sealcat)

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"I’m terrible at goodbyes. But sleep soundly, at the fact that I just wanna be yours, baby." (Alex Turner, Reading Festival, 23.08.2014)


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Ewan McGregor & Christoph Waltz

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Edge of Seventeen - Stevie Nicks

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Training Camp Day 1: Gabriel Landeskog

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